Find out more about our Incredible Women: Kiri Nathan

30 Mar 2016 3 Minute Read

Like many women, Kiri Nathan has an extremely long to-do list, with her own health and wellbeing often found at the very end of it.

As well as having a family to care for, Kiri runs a high-end fashion label, which requires her to target overseas markets and deal with offshore manufacturers. She also finds time to mentor others hoping to make their way in the business and fashion worlds.

But even with all that pressure, Kiri remains calm, caring and positive, according to her friends and family.

And like any family, they want to see their matriarch stay healthy and well as she juggles her many and varied commitments.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

It starts with three sleepy school goers, brekkie, school uniforms, packed lunches, teeth brushing, put the washing on, quick tidy up, clear emails, drop kids to school, coffee with our oldest Jas, drop Jas to work. Then I start work, which includes anything from designing, pattern drafting, sewing, hand sewing, content management, e-commerce correspondence, packing and sending product, admin and accounts, fabric and notion pick up and liaison with contractors. The kids catch the bus home in the afternoon, have afternoon tea, out of uniforms into sports uniforms (all three kids have something on every night of the week). While the kids do their extra curricular activities I squeeze in an hour walk. Then I pick Jas up from work. Get kids into bath & PJ's, another load of washing with school uniforms, make dinner and sit down to eat together as a family. Then it’s dishes, kids homework and reading, kids in bed at 7.30 and back to work until around 11pm (often later) and finally bed.

And for how many years has your busy life looked like this?

For about 7 years now.

How did it feel hearing your friends and family describe how busy you are and how they wished for more balance in your day-to-day life?

It wasn't a shock, I have beautiful friends and whanau, they’re very loyal and genuinely care about my wellbeing. They always encourage me to look after my health and constantly accommodate my commitments when trying to catch up. It was really lovely to hear all their thoughts and it prompted me to start putting a bit of time aside everyday just for me. I choose to use this time for exercise and have start walking.

What practical strategies, if any, have you since put in place to try and get some balance back, with some “me” time every now and then?

I’ve become very conscious of processing stress, I truly believe not being able to manage stress or anxiety is the ultimate contributor to bad health. I fit in a walk every day and if for some reason I miss one day I don’t let that stress me out, I just fit it in the next day.

What have you found to be the biggest stumbling blocks in making your wellbeing a priority?

I find it hard not to prioritise everybody else's wellbeing over mine. It’s still hard to find time just for me but I’m getting better at it.

What has been most rewarding for you personally being involved in this campaign for women’s wellbeing?

It was wonderful to see a campaign based on women taking care of themselves, women are natural nurturers and we so often forget to nurture ourselves. This made me see that we really need to champion ourselves far more often! And because of the film I feel supported and able to take that time for myself.

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