Four delicious ways to start the day

28 Mar 2016 Article by Women's Weekly

We've long been reminded of the importance of breakfast, but far too many of us opt for a not-so-healthy option or skip it all together.

Why? Because we're too busy, too stressed, too this and too that.

Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it?

As rushed as we are with work, family and socialising commitments, we've got to make time for ourselves and the best way to start is with the first meal of the day.

A simple way you can begin a new breakfast habit is with Symbio™ Probalance™ yoghurt. Each serve of Symbio™ contains billions of DR10™ natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre, to maintain digestive health.

These alternatives aren't complicated; they're quick and easy, yet nutritious and delicious. Try these recipes to help you get your balance back:

On the go?

For a quick and easy breakfast on the go, try filling small Mason jars with alternating layers of Symbio™ and your choice of fruit.
Make it the night before and enjoy it at home or take it with you to work.

Fruit bowl

What could be better than a light breakfast of fresh fruit and a creamy yoghurt? This recipe is easy and a little bit special. Use half a rock melon as your bowl and fill with 1 cup of Symbio™. Top it with your favourite berries and pumpkin seeds. Adding muesli with roasted nuts and honey will help provide the energy to kick start your day.

Lush smoothie

If you’re in a hurry (and we often are in the mornings!) reach for Symbio™ Pouring Yoghurt for a refreshing drink. It’s perfect to pop in the blender for a healthy smoothie too. Try whipping up a delicious smoothie for your tummy with Symbio™, a banana, honey and grated ginger. For a seasonal touch, add strawberries to turn it into a temptingly pink summer breakfast!

Good grains

For the goodness of wholegrains, Symbio™ Wholegrains has all the benefits of Symbio™ with the addition of brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa. It’s delicious and gluten-free! Enjoy it on its own or dollop it onto a high-fibre cereal.

Get some life balance and feel great doing it with the Symbio™ Probalance™ 14 Day Challenge.

Anchor Symbio Yoghurt has been discontinued

Our Anchor Symbio™ Yoghurt range has been discontinued and will not be available to purchase from February 2022.

However we're very excited to introduce a new range of products to the Anchor family, our NEW Anchor Probiotic+™ Greek Yoghurt range. Many of the benefits you loved in Symbio™ can be found in our Anchor Probiotic+™ Yoghurt. It contains 10 billion live BB-12™ probiotics to support your gut health and Vitamin A and D to support your immunity*.

This thick and creamy Greek yoghurt comes in a range of delicious flavours in a 450g tub and a convenient 4 pack.

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*BB-12 is a trademark of Chr Hansen A/S.

*Contains vitamin A and D to support a healthy immune system and BB-12 probiotic to support gut health by improving digestive regularity when consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet.