10 Easy Things to Get Your 'Steps' In

09 Dec 2015 3 Minute Read

Some days, that shiny new pedometer on your wrist or hip can feel like a burden.

While we all know we should get at least 10,000 steps in per day, it can seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially on those days where you’ve got a solid eight hours of desk time ahead of you.

But fear not. Fitting that number in need not be a big deal. And it need not mean going for a run every morning either. Because big change can come from these (literal) small steps.

Rather than praying to the parking gods that a space be available near the entrance to the local mall, head straight to the outer parking lanes and walk from there. You’ll be doing your stress levels a world of good at the same time.

Have to take the kids to swimming/ballet/rugby practice? Instead of sitting and waiting for the lesson to be over, take a walk around the field or block.

Before grabbing the mail out of the letterbox, walk around the house first and inspect the garden. When you take the rubbish out, take another walk around the house and pull out a few weeds. And when you take the recycling out… well, you get the idea.

On those occasions you’re early for an appointment, resist the temptation to flick through the waiting room magazines and go for a short wander instead.

During the summer months, make it a household habit to go out for an after-dinner walk.

Even if you’ve packed your lunch to take to work, hit the footpaths around the office during your break. Not only will you rack up extra steps, you’ll be clearer-headed to tackle those afternoon conference calls.

If work means having to sit for long periods of time, set an alarm on either your phone or computer to remind you to get up and stretch the legs around the office at least every hour.

And while you’re at work, try these other ideas for fitting in those extra steps: Make the stairs, not the elevator, your friend; use the bathroom that’s the furthest away from your desk; walk over to a colleague and speak to them face-to-face instead of picking up the phone or tapping out an email - or choose a clichéd office phrase and do a lap of the area whenever you hear it mentioned!

Of course, there’s the old favourite - get off the bus a couple of stops early. It’s an oldie – but an effective goodie.

And if you need extra motivation, why not start a “steps challenge” with a friend or family member? Ain’t nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you moving!

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