Yoga Asana to lift your mood and help you to relax

31 Mar 2016 2 Minute Read Article by Jen Cuttance

The reason for Yoga Asanas (postures) is to shift your energy.

Using the physical body in certain ways will lift your energy up from the base of the spine to the eyebrow centre. You will have seen sculptures or people with a dot in the middle of their eyebrows - this refers to the sixth chakra. When we move our energy up to this point it helps us to sit in a higher conscious state.

Why do we want to sit there? In a nutshell, so we don’t sweat the small stuff, making it easier to live in the present. Why do we want to live in the present? Because living in the present eliminates fears and worries about what the future holds, thus leaving you in a happier state of mind!

Try this Asana next time you feel like you need to relax and lift your mood.

Viparita Karani Asana or legs up the wall pose

It’s pretty self-explanatory: Lay down on your back and pop your legs up the wall!

Shuffle your tail close to the wall before lifting your legs. If you have tight hamstrings (back of the legs) shift your tail away from the wall until you are comfortable. You can also use a folded blanket to elevate your pelvis slightly. Go for what feels comfortable.

Have your arms relaxed by your side, with palms face up to open the chest. (This is great if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day.)

Concentrate on your breath, breathing deeply into your stomach. You can stay here for a short time - or 10 minutes. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.

VERY IMPORTANT: To come out of this posture you must roll over to your RIGHT HAND side and rest for at least one minute before getting up. This is so you don’t give your heart and blood pressure a shock. Take it slowly and enjoy the slowness of coming out of the posture.

This pose promotes a healthy lymphatic system, draining any excess fluid from the legs and increasing blood circulation in that area (which is great if you suffer from broken/varicose veins).

Most importantly, it teaches us that less is more. Being a fitness and wellbeing specialist, I see people getting caught up in the “go go go” with our bodies. Although there is an element of relaxation to exercise, experiencing calmness is just as important - if not more important -than getting to the gym!

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