How ‘accidental exercise’ could be the key to keeping fit

20 Jun 2016 2 Minute Read Article by Women's Weekly

The struggle to make time for exercise in our busy lives is real. A Symbio wellbeing survey of Kiwi women* found that nearly 60 per cent said lack of time was the biggest barrier to achieving their health and wellbeing goals. The same research found that 35 per cent of women strongly agree it’s the little things they can do every day that make a difference to their health and wellbeing.

That’s where accidental exercise comes in. Experts recommend exercising for 30 minutes a day, five times a week. The good news is that those 30 minutes don’t need to happen all at the same time – every bit of exercise counts. A brisk walk to get coffee with friends, gardening or even washing the dog is a little thing you can do to help your daily exercise add up to 30 minutes.

Another simple step you can take to support your wellbeing is by eating Symbio™ Probalance™ yoghurt. A single serving a day is a simple and delicious way to maintain your inner wellbeing. Each serve of Symbio contains billions of natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre to support digestive balance. It’s perfect with cereal, over fresh fruit or as a snack on its own.

Three ways you can exercise accidentally:

The Big Clean
Giving your home a thorough scrub is a great way to multitask: you’re cleaning the house and moving to support muscles and mobility.

Dance Power
Shake it up in your living room or join a class. Busting some moves to a few of your favourite songs is fantastic exercise for the whole body.

Park Life
You can’t beat this accidental exercise classic: park further away from your destination. Let’s face it, often we can’t find a parking space close by anyway!

Sometimes making a change is easier when you have extra motivation!

*SymbioTM Women’s Wellbeing Survey, All Woman Talk, July 2015.

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