Quick-fix Shake-ups for Your Routine

09 Dec 2015 3 Minute Read

The road to better wellbeing doesn’t necessarily require a major overhaul of your life – which is great news because, frankly, who has the time for such things?

But injecting these five simple shake-ups into your routine will have you feeling healthier – and happier - in no time.

Take it al fresco

When you do get a chance to squeeze some exercise into your day, head outside. Studies have shown you’re more likely to exercise harder and burn more calories when working out next to Mother Nature. So take a walk under that big – and hopefully blue – sky. It will do more for your body and your soul than trudging along on the dreaded treadmill.

Set that alarm

We all know our bodies are not made for sitting around for hours on end, but it can be easy to forget when the office desk is calling. So, set an alarm on your smartphone for every 60 to 90 minutes and get that blood pumping with either a quick walk or stretch. (If you’re already on the move when that alarm goes off, then take a moment to bask in the self-satisfaction). Moving around more regularly will also improve your digestion and help get that skin glowing. Yes please to that!

Theme it up

Exercise routines can get stale fast – or simply don’t exist when other commitments push their way in. So google a few themed workouts to help regain your interest. The internet is awash with exercise routines that are tied to popular TV shows, for instance. Frequently find yourself watching Friends re-runs? Then decide to do 15 squats every time Chandler cracks a joke or 10 sit-ups whenever Monica cleans something. (You’ll feel less guilty about watching another episode too).

Find a buddy

You’ll be much more inclined to head out for that walk if you know your friend is waiting for you to turn up. Make a regular date with a walking buddy and shake up the locations regularly. You’ll get fresh air, catch up on life and see more of your town at the same time.

Get your “om” on

Sometimes, better health isn’t just about getting a wriggle on. The many physical and mental benefits of taking some time each day to meditate are widely known, yet many of us still don’t fit this into our day. But with a variety of free meditation apps available these days, anyone can take as little as a few minutes to practise this wonderful mindfulness we hear so much about!

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