Probiotic Yoghurt

09 Dec 2015 1 Minute Read

Probiotic, 'good' bacteria, digestive yoghurt, what does it all mean? Your digestive system needs the right balance of 'good bacteria' for wellbeing. All yoghurts contain bacterial cultures that help set the yoghurt. Digestive yoghurts also contain added 'probiotics' - active live 'good' cultures to help maintain natural digestive balance.

A number of factors including medications, ageing or an irregular eating plan can all affect our gut. Along with eating fibre rich foods and exercising regularly, maintaining the right level of beneficial bacteria is important for maintaining our gut function and digestive balance.

Yoghurt tastes delicious, is a convenient nutritious snack for morning or afternoon, plus makes a healthy dessert with fresh fruit.

When you look in the dairy chiller next time, look for the yoghurts that contain 'probiotic cultures', as not all yoghurts have added probiotics cultures to help maintain natural digestive balance.

Kim Tikellis
Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

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